Reporting Cases Anonymously

Cerebral Gas Embolism Report form

We would like to thank you for being prepared to take the time to share the data of your case with us.

You can print the data sheet and send it by surface mail to the address below, or you can let us know when will be a convenient time to phone you to get the necessary information which we could upload directly on the database. If you prefer to do this anonymously, the printed version will be the better option.

Publishing cases as case reports or case series is also important and you could add your cases to our database as well as publish it. If you have published your case previously, you are very welcome to add your case to the database.

Cerebral Gas Embolism Report form


Alternatively, you can send it by mail to:
Dr PA Bothma
Department of Anaesthesia
James Paget University Hospital
Lowestoft Rd, Gorleston
Great Yarmouth
NR31 6LA

or Email: or Secure e-mail: